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Posted on Mar 14, 2020

The Health Store - Galway

Wishing everyone out there good health. Keep well & look out for each other x

Here are a few of our favourite remedies:

💜 Elderberry, Echinacea, Garlic, Propolis
💜 Tulsi Rose tea to calm & soothe the heart.
💜 Turn OFF the TV & tune out of social media for LONG periods every day. Give yourself a break from all of the ‘fear’, it will do your body & soul so much good!
💜 B•R•E•A•T•H•E - even for just one minute, place your hands gently on your belly & breathe slowly & deeply expanding your belly as you breathe in. Your parasympathetic nervous system will thank you for it & in turn your immune system 😘

There is SO much beauty in nature & SO much beauty within each one of us, let’s draw on that beauty to activate our body’s innate healing abilities.
We are powerful beyond belief, miraculous beings, let’s tune in & tap into that magic. Start with just one minute of conscious breathing 💕 .

Now close down whichever medium you may be reading this on & give it a go. Put down that auld phone 😉 x

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